Meet The Team

Luke (AKA Praying mantis)

A gentle giant packed full of energy and excitement.
Drive and determination are Luke’s assets. He works hard and leads the team with an exceptional standard of quality work. Luke’s craftmanship will leave you wanting to sleep in your bathroom, rather than your bedroom.
But a word of warning, come 2pm Luke will have a surge of energy that will set your roof on fire with extreme dance moves, singing and the like. Previous clients have shockingly described his moves as Beyonce-esque.


⁃ Great leader

⁃ Good value 

⁃ Great people skills 

⁃ Very particular 


– Can’t pack up his lunch 

⁃ Moody if hasn’t had morning coffee

John (AKA Donkey)

They say the older you get the wiser you become.
John has been in the industry for over 30 years now. His knowledge is always handy when a question is asked.
He loves guiding the young fellas when we need it. He doesn’t like leaving the office anymore because he can’t get out of his chair.


– Knowledge and wisdom

– Creative Designs

– Very calming 

– Great people skills


– Sore muscles

– Bad dad jokes

Josh (AKA Chompers)

A big white charming smile, that will warm your heart.

Josh is a smooth mover. A cool, calm and collected cat. His stress-free attitude and communication skills will leave you feeling calm throughout the entire renovation process.

But don’t be fooled, his vocals will leave you with deafened ears and you might have to cover your eyes when he starts dancing.


– Patient

– Communication

– Calm Cool and collected

– Helpful and always there


– Loud vocals

– Dance moves

Elias (AKA The Big E)

Elias is a gentle loving soul.
He is in the earlier stages of his career but making massive amounts of growth being a part of this community.
He loves a coffee and biscuit! But make sure you don’t leave them out, there won’t be too many left by the time you get back to the kitchen.
– Great people skills
– Big smile
– Always improving
– Always Punctual
– Biscuit Monster
– Loves to stretch out lunch.

Zack (AKA Screw Boy)

Zack is fresh to the industry.
He is very clean, caring and loveable, while always looking for ways to learn and improve. He loves challenging himself to be better than the day before.
Zack loves listening and being around the boys, block your ears when he’s trying to do an impersonation or telling a joke!
– Full of love and compassion
– Clean and tidy
– Eagerness too learn
– Always Pushing himself
Delivering a VIP Experience that the bathroom industry needs.