"The Great Divide: Transforming Your Bathroom in Patterson Lakes

Before the Transformation:
Imagine walking into your bathroom and feeling like you’re in a vast, open space, but one that’s sadly under-utilised. That’s exactly what we found in Patterson Lakes – an oversized bathroom with so much potential left untapped. When our clients approached us, they had a dream – to make their bathroom not just functional but also create an extra room while boosting their property’s value.
Our Vision:
We took their vision to heart and embarked on a journey of careful planning and creative thinking. Our solution was simple yet ingenious: a dividing wall. This strategic addition allowed us to maintain ample space in the main bathroom while crafting a luxurious ensuite that beckons you in. To enhance the flow, we even designed a new entrance through a walk-in robe, making the transition seamless.
The Grand Reveal:
The moment arrived when we unveiled the final result, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. This wasn’t just a bathroom; it was a glimpse into the future. It boasted incredible fixtures, mirrors illuminated by LED lights, and an array of high-tech gadgets that made daily routines feel like a sci-fi adventure. The entire space radiated a sense of wonder, and our clients couldn’t help but fall in love with every second they spent in their transformed oasis. Introducing “The Great Divide” – where your bathroom becomes more than just a room; it becomes an experience. Patterson Lakes, get ready to step into the future of bathroom luxury.

Camberwell's Transformation: Reviving Spaces with Style"

Before the Makeover:
Stepping into the second stage of this project with one of our cherished clients was a thrill. Known for their impeccable taste, they entrusted us with the task of reviving their bathroom and laundry downstairs, which, though well-laid-out, had fallen behind the times. It was time for a makeover. Upstairs, the ensuite faced a different challenge – a clutter of unnecessary walls that had eaten into valuable space.
Our Vision:
Collaboration was key as we delved into the project. We spent considerable time reimagining the upstairs room layout to reclaim precious space and infuse it with functionality. Additionally, we set out to craft a new laundry layout that would make you want to linger in there – a testament to the
value of thoughtful design.
The Big Reveal:
The moment of truth arrived, and our clients couldn’t have been happier with the end result. The new spaces were a harmonious blend of serene grey and crisp white tones that captivated the eye.
But the real joy was the radiant smile on our client’s daughter’s face, as she embraced her brand-new ensuite.
This is the story of Camberwell’s transformation – where style meets functionality, collaboration sparks innovation, and spaces are reborn to make everyday life a little more delightful.

"Moorabbin's Transformation: From Functionality to Elegance"

Before the Makeover:
Older homes often prioritise functionality over aesthetics, sunlight, and space. In the case of this Moorabbin residence, there was an abundance of wasted space that simply didn’t make sense. It was high time for a transformation, a chance to open up the possibilities.
Our Vision:
Our vision was to craft a bathroom and laundry that would epitomise elegance and luxury. Collaborating with a skilled designer, we meticulously laid out plans that would bring this vision to life. However, it wasn’t an ordinary design job; it involved the removal of numerous walls, requiring
extensive collaboration to execute flawlessly.
The Grand Reveal:
The moment of truth arrived, and the clients were left in sheer shock and awe by the exquisite transformation. The space now exuded elegance, with a stunning tile selection, soft brushed gold accents, and cabinet colours that were nothing short of incredible. Every detail was carefully curated, making this project one of our all-time favourites. This is the story of Moorabbin’s transformation – where functionality meets elegance, collaboration
sparks creativity, and dreams are realised in a breathtaking bathroom and laundry.

"Richmond's Transformation: Maximizing Space, Maximizing Comfort"

Before the Transformation:
In the realm of smaller spaces, the challenge lies in making the most of every inch while maintaining storage and functionality. In Richmond, we took on this challenge with determination.
Our Vision:
Our mission was clear – without making drastic changes, we aimed to create an illusion of spaciousness. We achieved this by introducing a unique benchtop vanity, employing a light color palette, and extending tiling all the way to the ceilings. The goal was to make this space feel like a wonderland of comfort and style.
The Grand Reveal:
The moment of revelation left our client in awe, especially at the striking Moroccan tiles that exceeded their wildest expectations. This Richmond retreat now felt like a piece of paradise, a haven of tranquility to escape to after a long, hard day’s work.
This is the story of Richmond’s transformation – where small spaces become welcoming oases, where innovation makes every inch count, and where a slice of paradise is found in the heart of the

Mulgrave's Transformation: Elevating Simplicity to Elegance"

Before the Makeover:
In Mulgrave, we were faced with an outdated bathroom that had seen better days. While the layout was sensible, it was high time for a much-needed makeover to enhance its functionality.
Our Vision:
Our vision for this project was to transform the bathroom into a standout masterpiece without straying too far from its original layout. We achieved this by incorporating Kit Kat tiles, selecting exquisite colour tones, introducing a slim-line basin, and showcasing a captivating bathtub that
would leave anyone in awe. The goal was to elevate simplicity to elegance.
The Grand Reveal:
Words can hardly capture the transformation. It’s a sight to behold, an experience for the senses. We invite you to witness the beauty with your own eyes and let the results speak for themselves.
This is the story of Mulgrave’s transformation – where simplicity is redefined as elegance, where a sensible layout is elevated to artistry, and where beauty is meant to be seen and experienced firsthand.

"Northcote's Transformation: From Desperation to Contemporary Elegance"

Before the Remodel:
Prepare yourself for a visual feast – the Northcote bathroom was a spectacle to behold, and not in a good way. It featured a spa bath shower, cork floors, bold blue walls, and some serious water damage. Desperation for a remodel was an understatement.
Our Vision:
Out with the old and in with the new – that was our motto. We aimed to breathe new life into this space with a fresh and modern touch. Our focus was on optimising the use of the available space, and we were determined to make it happen swiftly. In the laundry area, we had a special plan: the addition of a second toilet. To accommodate this, we strategically designed a dividing wall that not only provided functionality but also left ample room for a comfortably sized laundry.
The Grand Unveiling:
The moment you step into the transformed space, you’ll experience a sleek, clean, and inviting atmosphere that beckons you to spend more time in the bathroom than any other part of the house. It’s a contemporary elegance that will leave you in awe. This is the story of Northcote’s transformation – where desperation gives way to modern splendour,
where old meets new, and where a bathroom becomes the heart of the home.

"Donvale's Transformation: From Aging to High-End Luxury"

Before the Transformation:
Donvale presented us with one of our most extensive projects to date, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to dive right in. The space had seen its fair share of years, reminiscent of an old-timey home, complete with some quirky surprises we couldn’t help but chuckle at.
Our Vision:
Our vision for Donvale was nothing short of breathtaking – to craft one of the most aesthetically pleasing bathrooms you’ve ever laid eyes on. Picture Terrazzo floors paired with elegant Kit Kat tiles that stretched from floor to ceiling. Add to that incredible fittings and vanities, and we were
determined to make this bathroom a true masterpiece.
The Grand Unveiling:
The results speak volumes, but what we achieved is nothing short of the pinnacle of high-end luxury. The bathroom we created is the very definition of opulence. Our clients couldn’t be happier with the exquisite product that now graces their home. This is the story of Donvale’s transformation – where the past makes way for a luxurious future,
where laughter and elegance coexist, and where a bathroom becomes a work of art that leaves you speechless.

"Macleod's Transformation: Unveiling a Unique Design Marvel"

Before the Revamp:
In Macleod, we undertook a massive project encompassing a full-scale revamp. This wasn’t just about a kitchen or a bathroom; it was about transforming an entire space. With two bathrooms, a laundry, new floors, and a myriad of challenges ahead, we knew we were in for something unique.
Our Vision:
Our client presented us with a design that was truly one-of-a-kind, and we were excited to bring their vision to life. This was an opportunity to create a space that would stand out in every way.
The Grand Reveal:
Prepare to be amazed because the transformation we achieved was nothing short of incredible. Neutral tones paired with a bold green accent created a visual masterpiece that demands attention. The result is a space that not only stands out but also captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. This is the story of Macleod’s transformation – where challenges become opportunities, where unique visions become reality, and where a space becomes a statement in design excellence.

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